What is Ecom Email Monitor?

Ecom Email Monitor is a tool that monitors the status of your e-commerce transactional email sending.

We instigate the sending of test transactional emails from your server to our test inbox, which checks everything is working as expected. If there is an issue, for example the emails do not get received, we notify you instantly that your transactional emails are down.

Why do I need Ecom Email Monitor?

If you own an e-commerce website, your system will be sending your customers transactional emails when they make orders. It is imperative that your customers receive this order communication for smooth purchasing.

How do you know that your emails are working as expected? There are a number of moving parts with any e-commerce website, and your email server is at risk of going down without your knowledge. This can be for a number of reasons:

  • Your SMTP account has expired
  • Your DNS settings have changed
  • Your server has upgraded a version of OS, and caused email issues in the process
  • You have reached a sending limit you are not aware of
  • Your email hosting has expired without your knowledge
  • Something else has gone wrong in the martix, as it can do

For a minmal monthly cost, you can have peace of mind that you will be notified instantly of any issues with your e-commerce transactional email

How does Ecom Email Monitor work?

Our system works by initiating a set of test transactional emails from your server, to one of our text inboxes. These test email sends are mocks of your actual transactional sending, to ensure all of the same channels and methods are used in your live system.

Our test inboxes are constantly monitored to ensure they are receiving the expected emails from your server. We allow a small buffer window for the send to be processed.

If there is a problem in receiving the transactional emails, we alert you instantly that an email is down. We also keep a log of the last 30 days that you can see within your account

How do I install Ecom Email Monitor into my e-commerce website?

To use Ecom Email Monitor, you can integrate it by using the relevant plugin integration. First create an account on our website. Then install the relevant plugin into your website, and activate it by adding your API key into the settings. Finally add the website domain within you Ecom Email Monitor account settings.

We are always adding more integrations. If we do not currently support your e-commerce system, please get in touch and we will add it to our roadmap

How much does Ecom Email Monitor cost?

Please see our pricing page for monthly costs. We charge to cover the hosting and infrastructure costs, plus to allow us to continue to improve the existing features.

How do I contact Ecom Email Monitor?

Please visit our contact page to send us a message.